We're craftsmen.  We like to make stuff.  We like the feel of wood and smell of sawdust.  We use the touch test with all the things we make, because to create good designs we need to understand the materials we use.  And not just timber.

We do most things ourselves.  We like to be hands-on, that way we know for sure it’s done right.  It means we can eyeball everything before it goes out.  It’s our form of quality control.

So if you buy a cot, it will have been edged and finished by me, I will have hand-sanded the timber and eased the edges.  I make the bases and the legs, and when it’s sent I make sure it’s packaged and labelled correctly.

Any problems?  Unlikely, but mistakes happen.  Chances are it’s my fault.  Call me, I’ll sort it.

We have a small workshop with sawdust on the floor, and a clean area where anything white is stored.

We manage production from concept to delivery, we ensure everything is up to scratch and is the best it can be for you and your baby.