Your baby’s safety is more important to us than anything else.

All Fohfum products are designed and manufactured to comply with all relevant safety standards so you know your baby is protected from all preventable sleeping and changing risks.

Our innovative mesh-sided cots are safer than traditional cot designs because there are no gaps where baby’s arms and legs can get stuck. They also make it easy to keep an eye on baby and ensure a good airflow for a comfortable sleep.

With no moving parts, there are fewer opportunities for accidents. Being low to the ground means the cot is at just the right height for putting baby down to sleep and makes for an easy transition when you convert your cot to a toddler’s bed.

We use baby-safe materials in the construction of our products, including non-toxic paints and hypoallergenic fabrics.

Our products have been independently tested for compliance with AS/NZS 2172 (2010).