Our Story

For lovers of contemporary design and simple functionality, navigating the world of nursery furniture can be a challenging experience. The shops are full of frills, finials and froufrou – colonially inspired and conservative in style, and mass-produced offshore. Most cots and baby accessories are an awkward fit in the homes of people who appreciate good design.

That’s why we started Fohfum – a 100% New Zealand owned and operated business. We create beautifully simple nursery furniture and baby accessories designed for your baby’s comfort and safety - and your own peace of mind.

We work closely with a range of local suppliers to bring our designs to life. Our close attention to detail ensures top quality manufacturing and finishing. We pride ourselves on creating products that are a pleasure to look at and a joy to use.

Our nursery furniture is about everyone getting a good night’s sleep - babies sleeping soundly, and parents resting easy in the choices they’ve made.

Kraka Design

Before starting Fohfum we ran Kraka Design. Kraka Design cots won several design awards and received strong support from our customers. Fohfum continues that legacy of innovative design, great looks and simple functionality.

Committed to safety

Everything we use in the manufacture of our cots is baby safe, from non-toxic paint finishes, to the natural materials used in our mattresses. The unique mesh sides eliminate the gaps and rigid bar sides of other cots on the market, while maintaining good airflow for a healthy sleep. The fixed sides make our cots safer and stronger because they have no moving parts.

Fohfum cots comply with Australia/NZ safety standards (AS/NZS 2172:2010)

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Our designs

The Fohfum Mo cot is a registered design: New Zealand Registered Design No. 417163, Australian Registered Design No. 349786, European Community Registered Design No. 002256891-0001.

The Fohfum Uno cot is a registered design: New Zealand Registered Design No. 417164, Australian Registered Design No. 349772, European Community Registered Design No. 002256891-0002.